What To Do During A Home Pest Inspection

What To Do During A Home Pest Inspection

Pests are unwanted guests that exist in your houses. They enter into your property in search of food and make infestation all over the house. Pests are capable of increasing their number rapidly. Neglecting pests may cause health issues and property damages. So, immediate action should be taken to control pest infestations. For effective pest control, it is suggested to hire professional pest controllers. 

Things To Do During a Home Pest Inspection 

  • Inspect your property and recognize the problem area

During a home inspection clearly examine in and out of your property to identify the problem areas. Keep the following questions in mind while examining your property

  1. Are there any tree branches touching the structure?
  2. Is there any area of standing water on the structure?
  3. Are there any blockages in gutters?

If your answer is yes, to any one of the above questions then you need to solve these problems to avoid pest infestation.

  • Identify the entry points of pests

After inspecting the property and identifying the problem area search for entry points of pests. Following are the common entry points that allow pests into your house.

  1. Damaged window screens
  2. Foundation cracks
  3. Gaps below doors and many more

So, identify the entry points and seal them to prevent pests from entering your house. 

  • Identify pests and choose a suitable treatment

Inspect and identify already existed pests in your home and choose the correct treatment for eliminating these pests from your premises. Following are the signs of the existence of pests in your home

  1. Chewed wood and gathered nesting materials
  2. Animal feces around the structure

Professional Pest Control Services In Lyneham

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